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ESCC Location and Distances

Melfa, Virginia

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Eastern Shore Community College is located in Melfa, Virginia; population 408 in a remote rural setting.

29300 Lankford Hwy
Melfa, Virginia
23410 USA

Map of ESCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Eastern Shore Community College distance from Virginia cities
City Distance
Keller2 miles
Bob3 miles
Savageville3 miles
Pungoteague4 miles
Onley4 miles
Wachapreague4 miles
Mappsburg4 miles
Painter4 miles
Harborton5 miles
Onancock5 miles
Boston6 miles
Tasley6 miles
Quinby6 miles
Cats Bridge7 miles
Savage Town7 miles
Accomac7 miles
Belle Haven7 miles
Southside Chesconessex7 miles