DeVry University-Virginia Location and Distances

Arlington, Virginia


DeVry University Virginia is located in Arlington, Virginia; population 207,627 in a midsize city setting.

2450 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Virginia
22202-3843 USA

Map of DeVry University-Virginia

Approximate Commuting Distances

DeVry University Virginia distance from Virginia cities
City Distance
Alexandria3 miles
Forest Heights4 miles
Washington4 miles
Glassmanor4 miles
Huntington4 miles
Bailey's Crossroads4 miles
Hillcrest Heights4 miles
National Harbor5 miles
Seven Corners5 miles
Belle Haven5 miles
Rose Hill6 miles
Lake Barcroft6 miles
Silver Hill6 miles
Marlow Heights6 miles
Temple Hills6 miles
Lincolnia6 miles
Oxon Hill7 miles
Coral Hills7 miles

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