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Centura College-Norfolk Location and Distances

Norfolk, Virginia

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Centura College Norfolk is located in Norfolk, Virginia; population 242,803 in a midsize city setting.

7020 North Military Highway
Norfolk, Virginia
23518-4833 USA

Map of Centura College-Norfolk

Approximate Commuting Distances

Centura College Norfolk distance from Virginia cities
City Distance
Portsmouth8 miles
Hampton10 miles
Virginia Beach15 miles
Poquoson16 miles
Carrollton16 miles
Chesapeake16 miles
Bethel Manor17 miles
Benns Church20 miles
Newport News20 miles
Smithfield21 miles
Suffolk27 miles
Rushmere27 miles
Cape Charles27 miles
York27 miles
Moyock28 miles
Windsor29 miles
Gloucester Point29 miles
Cheriton30 miles