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Landmark College

Reviewed by M******n from Putney, VT on 2019-12-18

Words that immediately come to mind when I think of Landmark College...Nepotism,  abuse of power, mismanagement, lack of communication,  misogynistic ("boys club" mentality), toxic, dysfunctional, socialistic, Big Brother, unorganized,  strong left-leaning political agenda, poorly maintained buildings and grounds, extremely expensive, shady (borderline illegal) business practices, mismanagement of funds, lack of accountability, unprofessional, unappreciative of hard working employees, unrealistic expectations and demands for some employees, complaints and grievances go ignored and unheard, discrimination towards Conservative students and faculty. How does Landmark treat their students?  Landmark tends to enable and coddle students, treating them like children and not young adults. They are obsessed with writing  care reports and policing the students.  They do not treat the students like young adults nor do they prepare them for success in the real world.  There are even faculty member

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