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Broadview University-Layton Location and Distances

Layton, Utah

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Broadview University Layton is located in Layton, Utah; population 67,311 in a large suburban setting.

869 West Hill Field Road
Layton, Utah
84041 USA

Map of Broadview University-Layton

Approximate Commuting Distances

Broadview University Layton distance from Utah cities
City Distance
Clearfield3 miles
Kaysville3 miles
Syracuse5 miles
Fruit Heights5 miles
South Weber5 miles
Sunset5 miles
Uintah6 miles
Clinton7 miles
Washington Terrace7 miles
Farmington7 miles
West Point7 miles
South Ogden7 miles
Riverdale7 miles
Roy8 miles
West Haven10 miles
Ogden11 miles
Centerville11 miles
Mountain Green11 miles