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Vet Tech Institute of Houston Location and Distances

Houston, Texas

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Vet Tech Institute of Houston is located in Houston, Texas; population 2,099,451 in a large city setting.

4669 Southwest Fwy Ste 100
Houston, Texas
77027 USA

Map of Vet Tech Institute of Houston

Approximate Commuting Distances

Vet Tech Institute of Houston distance from Texas cities
City Distance
West University Place2 miles
Bellaire2 miles
Southside Place2 miles
Hunters Creek Village4 miles
Piney Point Village4 miles
Hilshire Village5 miles
Spring Valley Village5 miles
Bunker Hill Village5 miles
Hedwig Village5 miles
Meadows Place10 miles
Stafford10 miles
Fifth Street11 miles
Missouri City12 miles
Brookside Village13 miles
Mission Bend13 miles
Four Corners13 miles
Jacinto City13 miles
Jersey Village13 miles