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Schreiner University Location and Distances

Kerrville, Texas

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Schreiner University is located in Kerrville, Texas; population 22,347 in a remote town setting.

2100 Memorial Blvd
Kerrville, Texas
78028-5697 USA

Map of Schreiner University

Distance from Major Metropolitan Areas

Schreiner University distance from Major Cities
City Distance
San Antonio53 miles
Houston225 miles
Dallas236 miles
Phoenix799 miles
Chicago1,035 miles
San Diego1,077 miles
Los Angeles1,161 miles
Philadelphia1,516 miles
New York1,591 miles

Distance from Texas Cities

Schreiner University distance from Texas cities
City Distance
San Antonio53 miles
Austin84 miles
Laredo173 miles
Corpus Christi197 miles
Fort Worth217 miles
Arlington219 miles
Houston225 miles
Irving233 miles
Dallas236 miles
Garland248 miles
Plano251 miles
Lubbock293 miles
El Paso450 miles