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Lone Star College System Location and Distances

The Woodlands, Texas

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Lone Star College System is located in The Woodlands, Texas; population 93,847 in a small suburban setting.

5000 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, Texas
77381-4399 USA

Map of Lone Star College System

Approximate Commuting Distances

Lone Star College System distance from Texas cities
City Distance
Shenandoah2 miles
Oak Ridge North4 miles
Woodloch5 miles
Conroe9 miles
Tomball10 miles
Porter Heights10 miles
Spring11 miles
Pinehurst13 miles
Stagecoach13 miles
Cut and Shoot13 miles
Panorama Village13 miles
Magnolia15 miles
Willis16 miles
Woodbranch18 miles
Montgomery19 miles
Humble19 miles
Patton Village19 miles
Roman Forest20 miles