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CBC Location and Distances

Beeville, Texas

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Coastal Bend College is located in Beeville, Texas; population 12,863 in a remote town setting.

3800 Charco Rd
Beeville, Texas
78102 USA

Map of CBC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Coastal Bend College distance from Texas cities
City Distance
Blue Berry Hill4 miles
Normanna7 miles
Tuleta10 miles
Skidmore12 miles
Pettus13 miles
Tulsita15 miles
Tynan18 miles
Pawnee21 miles
Lakeshore Gardens-Hidden Acres22 miles
George West23 miles
Lakeside24 miles
Mathis24 miles
Edgewater Estates24 miles
Paisano Park24 miles
Lake City26 miles
Three Rivers26 miles
St. Paul27 miles
Kenedy27 miles