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Clarendon College Location and Distances

Clarendon, Texas

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Clarendon College is located in Clarendon, Texas; population 2,026 in a remote rural setting.

1122 College Drive
Clarendon, Texas
79226 USA

Map of Clarendon College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Clarendon College distance from Texas cities
City Distance
Howardwick6 miles
Hedley15 miles
Groom21 miles
Lakeview22 miles
Memphis26 miles
McLean26 miles
Claude28 miles
Quail30 miles
Lefors35 miles
Samnorwood36 miles
White Deer37 miles
Turkey38 miles
Estelline38 miles
Panhandle39 miles
Wellington40 miles
Silverton40 miles
Quitaque41 miles
Shamrock42 miles