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Amarillo College Location and Distances

Amarillo, Texas

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Amarillo College is located in Amarillo, Texas; population 190,695 in a midsize city setting.

2011 S. Washington
Amarillo, Texas
79109 USA

Map of Amarillo College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Amarillo College distance from Texas cities
City Distance
Bishop Hills8 miles
Palisades9 miles
Timbercreek Canyon9 miles
Lake Tanglewood10 miles
Canyon14 miles
Claude28 miles
Panhandle28 miles
Happy31 miles
Vega33 miles
Boys Ranch33 miles
Fritch34 miles
Lake Meredith Estates36 miles
Sanford40 miles
Hereford40 miles
Borger41 miles
White Deer41 miles
Groom42 miles
Channing44 miles