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JSCC Location and Distances

Jackson, Tennessee

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Jackson State Community College is located in Jackson, Tennessee; population 65,211 in a small city setting.

2046 North Pky
Jackson, Tennessee
38301-3797 USA

Map of JSCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Jackson State Community College distance from Tennessee cities
City Distance
Three Way10 miles
Medina11 miles
Medon14 miles
Humboldt14 miles
Gadsden15 miles
Henderson16 miles
Gibson16 miles
Bells18 miles
Milan18 miles
Lexington21 miles
Silerton21 miles
Alamo21 miles
Finger22 miles
Toone22 miles
Atwood23 miles
Parker's Crossroads24 miles
Trenton24 miles
McLemoresville26 miles