DSCC Location and Distances

Dyersburg, Tennessee


Dyersburg State Community College is located in Dyersburg, Tennessee; population 17,145 in a remote town setting.

1510 Lake Rd
Dyersburg, Tennessee
38024-2411 USA

Map of DSCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Dyersburg State Community College distance from Tennessee cities
City Distance
Newbern8 miles
Halls12 miles
Friendship13 miles
Gates14 miles
Trimble16 miles
Yorkville16 miles
Ridgely16 miles
Caruthersville18 miles
Obion19 miles
Maury City19 miles
Hornbeak21 miles
Dyer22 miles
Ripley22 miles
Rutherford23 miles
Samburg23 miles
Tiptonville23 miles
Cooter23 miles
Kenton24 miles

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