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National American University-Rapid City Location and Distances

Rapid City, South Dakota

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National American University Rapid City is located in Rapid City, South Dakota; population 67,956 in a small city setting.

321 Kansas City Street
Rapid City, South Dakota
57701-3692 USA

Map of National American University-Rapid City

Approximate Commuting Distances

National American University Rapid City distance from South Dakota cities
City Distance
Rapid Valley5 miles
Green Valley6 miles
Ashland Heights6 miles
Colonial Pine Hills6 miles
Blackhawk7 miles
Box Elder8 miles
Summerset10 miles
Johnson Siding11 miles
Piedmont12 miles
Keystone16 miles
Hermosa17 miles
New Underwood19 miles
Hill City20 miles
Blucksberg Mountain23 miles
Fairburn27 miles
Sturgis27 miles
Custer29 miles
Deadwood32 miles