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LATI Location and Distances

Watertown, South Dakota

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Lake Area Technical Institute is located in Watertown, South Dakota; in a remote town setting.

230 11th St NE
Watertown, South Dakota
57201-0730 USA

Map of LATI

Approximate Commuting Distances

Lake Area Technical Institute distance from South Dakota cities
City Distance
Water3 miles
Waverly9 miles
Kranzburg9 miles
Goodwin12 miles
Castlewood13 miles
Florence15 miles
South Shore16 miles
Hazel17 miles
Hayti18 miles
Henry18 miles
Strandburg19 miles
Stockholm20 miles
Altamont20 miles
Clear Lake22 miles
Naples22 miles
Wallace23 miles
Lake Poinsett23 miles
La Bolt23 miles
Lake Norden23 miles