Williamsburg Technical College Location and Distances

Kingstree, South Carolina


Williamsburg Technical College is located in Kingstree, South Carolina; population 3,328 in a rural fringe setting.

601 Martin Luther King Jr Ave
Kingstree, South Carolina

Map of Williamsburg Technical College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Williamsburg Technical College distance from South Carolina cities
City Distance
Lane10 miles
Greeleyville11 miles
Lake City15 miles
Stuckey18 miles
Scranton18 miles
St. Stephen19 miles
Turbeville20 miles
Russellville20 miles
Olanta20 miles
Andrews20 miles
Coward22 miles
Hemingway22 miles
Manning23 miles
Shiloh23 miles
Johnsonville24 miles
Alcolu24 miles
Bonneau25 miles
Bonneau Beach25 miles