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W L Bonner College Location and Distances

Columbia, South Carolina

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W L Bonner College is located in Columbia, South Carolina; population 129,272. The campus is in a midsize city setting.

4430 Argent Ct
Columbia, South Carolina
29203-5901 USA

Map of W L Bonner College

Use this map to explore the area around campus and get a sense of its overall location.

Distance from Major Metropolitan Areas

If you're considering applying to W L Bonner College and are from out of state, the table below details travel distances to the campus from major U.S. cities.

W L Bonner College distance from Major Cities
City Distance
Philadelphia525 miles
New York601 miles
Chicago649 miles
Houston891 miles
Dallas911 miles
San Antonio1,073 miles
Phoenix1,776 miles
San Diego2,073 miles
Los Angeles2,128 miles