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University of South Carolina-Lancaster Location and Distances

Lancaster, South Carolina

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University of South Carolina Lancaster is located in Lancaster, South Carolina; population 8,526 in a distant town setting.

476 Hubbard Drive
Lancaster, South Carolina
29720 USA

Map of University of South Carolina-Lancaster

Approximate Commuting Distances

University of South Carolina Lancaster distance from South Carolina cities
City Distance
Springdale3 miles
Irwin4 miles
Elgin6 miles
Fort Lawn7 miles
JAARS9 miles
Catawba10 miles
Heath Springs12 miles
Great Falls13 miles
Richburg13 miles
Lesslie14 miles
Waxhaw14 miles
Mineral Springs15 miles
Kershaw18 miles
Marvin19 miles
Wesley Chapel19 miles
Rock Hill20 miles
Weddington20 miles
Fort Mill21 miles