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Fortis College - Columbia Location and Distances

Columbia, South Carolina

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Medix School Fortis College is located in Columbia, South Carolina; population 129,272 in a midsize city setting.

246 Stoneridge Dr Ste 101
Columbia, South Carolina
29210 USA

Map of Fortis College - Columbia

Approximate Commuting Distances

Medix School Fortis College distance from South Carolina cities
City Distance
West Columbia2 miles
St. Andrews3 miles
Seven Oaks4 miles
Oak Grove4 miles
Springdale4 miles
Cayce5 miles
Forest Acres6 miles
Arcadia Lakes7 miles
Pine Ridge8 miles
Lexington8 miles
South Congaree8 miles
Dentsville8 miles
Irmo9 miles
Woodfield9 miles
Red Bank11 miles
Lake Murray of Richland13 miles
Gaston14 miles
Blythewood14 miles