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Florence-Darlington Technical College Location and Distances

Florence, South Carolina

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Florence Darlington Technical College is located in Florence, South Carolina; population 37,056 in a rural fringe setting.

2715 W. Lucas Street
Florence, South Carolina
29501 USA

Map of Florence-Darlington Technical College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Florence Darlington Technical College distance from South Carolina cities
City Distance
Quinby5 miles
Darlington5 miles
Timmonsville10 miles
Lamar15 miles
Hartsville17 miles
Lydia18 miles
North Hartsville18 miles
Society Hill19 miles
Coward19 miles
Lynchburg20 miles
Sellers20 miles
Blenheim21 miles
Pamplico22 miles
Olanta22 miles
Latta23 miles
Scranton23 miles
Shiloh24 miles
Marion24 miles