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University of Pittsburgh-Titusville Location and Distances

Titusville, Pennsylvania

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University of Pittsburgh Titusville is located in Titusville, Pennsylvania; population 5,601. The campus is in a remote town setting.

504 East Main Street
Titusville, Pennsylvania
16354 USA

Map of University of Pittsburgh-Titusville

Use this map to explore the area around campus and get a sense of its overall location.

Approximate Commuting Distances

These are the commuting distances you will have to travel to get to University of Pittsburgh-Titusville from nearby towns.

University of Pittsburgh Titusville distance from Pennsylvania cities
City Distance
Hyde3 miles
Pleasantville5 miles
Centerville9 miles
Rouseville11 miles
Townville12 miles
Hasson Heights12 miles
Riceville13 miles
Spartansburg13 miles
Coopers14 miles
Oil City14 miles
Lincolnville14 miles
Tionesta14 miles
Tidioute15 miles
Woodland Heights15 miles
Canadohta Lake15 miles
Sugarcreek16 miles
Guys Mills16 miles
Hannasville17 miles