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Fortis Institute-Forty Fort Location and Distances

Forty Fort, Pennsylvania

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Fortis Institute Forty Fort is located in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania; population 4,214 in a large suburban setting.

166 Slocum Street
Forty Fort, Pennsylvania
18704-2936 USA

Map of Fortis Institute-Forty Fort

Approximate Commuting Distances

Fortis Institute Forty Fort distance from Pennsylvania cities
City Distance
Luzerne1 miles
Pringle1 miles
Swoyersville1 miles
Kingston1 miles
Courtdale2 miles
Plains2 miles
Edwardsville2 miles
Wilkes-Barre2 miles
Hilldale2 miles
Wyoming3 miles
Hudson3 miles
Larksville3 miles
Trucksville3 miles
West Wyoming3 miles
Inkerman4 miles
George4 miles
Shaver4 miles
Chase4 miles