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Erie Business Center-New Castle Location and Distances

New Castle, Pennsylvania

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Erie Business Center New Castle is located in New Castle, Pennsylvania; population 23,273 in a distant town setting.

170 Cascade Galleria
New Castle, Pennsylvania
16101-3950 USA

Map of Erie Business Center-New Castle

Approximate Commuting Distances

Erie Business Center New Castle distance from Pennsylvania cities
City Distance
Oakland1 miles
South New Castle2 miles
New Castle Northwest2 miles
Oakwood2 miles
West Pittsburg5 miles
Frizzleburg7 miles
Chewton7 miles
Bessemer7 miles
Wampum8 miles
New Beaver8 miles
New Wilmington8 miles
S.N.P.J.9 miles
Volant9 miles
New Bedford10 miles
Ellwood City10 miles
Ellport10 miles
Lowellville10 miles
Lake Arthur Estates11 miles