Dean Institute of Technology Location and Distances

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Dean Institute of Technology is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; population 305,704 in a large city setting.

1501 W Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
15226-1197 USA

Map of Dean Institute of Technology

Approximate Commuting Distances

Dean Institute of Technology distance from Pennsylvania cities
City Distance
Mount Oliver2 miles
Dormont2 miles
Green Tree2 miles
Castle Shannon3 miles
Brentwood3 miles
Crafton3 miles
Ingram4 miles
Carnegie4 miles
Whitehall4 miles
Rosslyn Farms4 miles
Thornburg4 miles
Heidelberg4 miles
Baldwin4 miles
Pennsbury Village5 miles
McKees Rocks5 miles
Millvale5 miles
Homestead6 miles
West Homestead6 miles

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