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BC3 Location and Distances

Butler, Pennsylvania

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Butler County Community College is located in Butler, Pennsylvania; population 13,757 in a distant town setting.

College Drive Oak Hills
Butler, Pennsylvania
16003-1203 USA

Map of BC3

Approximate Commuting Distances

Butler County Community College distance from Pennsylvania cities
City Distance
Oak Hills0 miles
Meadowood1 miles
Meridian3 miles
Homeacre-Lyndora3 miles
Nixon3 miles
East Butler5 miles
Connoquenessing6 miles
Shanor-Northvue6 miles
Saxonburg7 miles
Unionville8 miles
Prospect9 miles
Evans City9 miles
Callery9 miles
Mars11 miles
Valencia11 miles
Harmony11 miles
West Sunbury12 miles
Zelienople12 miles