Berks Technical Institute Location and Distances

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania


Berks Technical Institute is located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; population 10,461 in a midsize suburban setting.

2205 Ridgewood Rd
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Map of Berks Technical Institute

Approximate Commuting Distances

Berks Technical Institute distance from Pennsylvania cities
City Distance
Colony Park0 miles
Spring Ridge1 miles
West Lawn1 miles
Whitfield2 miles
West Reading2 miles
West Wyomissing2 miles
Greenfields2 miles
Springmont2 miles
Lincoln Park2 miles
Montrose Manor3 miles
Reading3 miles
Sinking Spring3 miles
Shillington3 miles
Kenhorst3 miles
Hyde Park4 miles
Muhlenberg Park4 miles
Fox Chase4 miles
Riverview Park4 miles