Mt Hood Community College Location and Distances

Gresham, Oregon


Mt Hood Community College is located in Gresham, Oregon; population 105,594 in a large suburban setting.

26000 SE Stark St
Gresham, Oregon
97030 USA

Map of Mt Hood Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Mt Hood Community College distance from Oregon cities
City Distance
Troutdale2 miles
Wood Village2 miles
Fairview3 miles
Washougal5 miles
Damascus6 miles
Camas7 miles
Happy Valley8 miles
Maywood Park8 miles
Fern Prairie9 miles
Sandy10 miles
Johnson City12 miles
Oatfield12 miles
Milwaukie12 miles
Portland12 miles
Gladstone13 miles
Vancouver13 miles
Oak Grove13 miles
Jennings Lodge13 miles

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