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Lane Community College Location and Distances

Eugene, Oregon

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Lane Community College is located in Eugene, Oregon; population 156,185 in a rural fringe setting.

4000 E 30th Ave
Eugene, Oregon
97405-0640 USA

Map of Lane Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Lane Community College distance from Oregon cities
City Distance
Springfield4 miles
Creswell6 miles
Coburg9 miles
Lowell14 miles
Cottage Grove15 miles
Veneta16 miles
Junction City17 miles
Harrisburg19 miles
Monroe25 miles
Crawfordsville25 miles
Halsey26 miles
Holley26 miles
Brownsville27 miles
Alpine28 miles
Drain28 miles
Bellfountain29 miles
Yoncalla31 miles
Shedd31 miles