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ETI Technical College Location and Distances

Niles, Ohio

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ETI Technical College is located in Niles, Ohio; population 19,266 in a large suburban setting.

2076 Youngstown Warren Rd
Niles, Ohio
44446-4398 USA

Map of ETI Technical College

Approximate Commuting Distances

ETI Technical College distance from Ohio cities
City Distance
McKinley Heights2 miles
Bolindale2 miles
Hilltop3 miles
McDonald3 miles
Howland Center3 miles
Girard3 miles
Churchill5 miles
Warren5 miles
Mineral Ridge5 miles
Vienna Center5 miles
Morgandale5 miles
Lords7 miles
Leavittsburg8 miles
Austin8 miles
Youngs9 miles
Cortland9 miles
Champion Heights9 miles
Maplewood Park9 miles