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Chatfield College Location and Distances

Saint Martin, Ohio

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Chatfield College is located in Saint Martin, Ohio; in a distant rural setting.

20918 State Route 251
Saint Martin, Ohio
45118-9705 USA

Map of Chatfield College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Chatfield College distance from Ohio cities
City Distance
St. Martin0 miles
Fayetteville3 miles
Lake Lorelei5 miles
Lynchburg6 miles
Midland7 miles
Blanchester7 miles
Martinsville9 miles
Buford10 miles
Newtonsville11 miles
Butlerville13 miles
Mount Orab13 miles
Pleasant Plain13 miles
New Vienna13 miles
Mowrys14 miles
Williamsburg14 miles
Clarksville14 miles
Owensville15 miles
Sardinia15 miles
Hillsboro15 miles