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COTC Location and Distances

Newark, Ohio

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Central Ohio Technical College is located in Newark, Ohio; population 47,573 in a small suburban setting.

1179 University Drive
Newark, Ohio
43055-1767 USA

Map of COTC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Central Ohio Technical College distance from Ohio cities
City Distance
Granville3 miles
Heath3 miles
Granville South5 miles
St. Louisville7 miles
Hebron7 miles
Marne8 miles
Alexandria9 miles
Harbor Hills9 miles
Hanover9 miles
Buckeye Lake9 miles
Thornport10 miles
Fairfield Beach11 miles
Beechwood Trails11 miles
Kirkersville11 miles
Utica12 miles
Thornville12 miles
Millersport13 miles
Brownsville14 miles