Brown Mackie College-North Canton Location and Distances

Canton, Ohio


Brown Mackie College North Canton is located in Canton, Ohio; population 73,007 in a large suburban setting.

4300 Munson Street
Canton, Ohio
44718 USA

Map of Brown Mackie College-North Canton

Approximate Commuting Distances

Brown Mackie College North Canton distance from Ohio cities
City Distance
Hills and Dales1 miles
Meyers Lake2 miles
North Canton3 miles
Perry Heights4 miles
Green6 miles
Massillon7 miles
Richville7 miles
Green8 miles
East Canton9 miles
Louisville9 miles
Union9 miles
Canal Fulton9 miles
Navarre9 miles
Hartville10 miles
North Lawrence11 miles
New Franklin11 miles
Clinton12 miles
Lakemore12 miles

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