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BGSU-Firelands Location and Distances

Huron, Ohio

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Bowling Green State University Firelands is located in Huron, Ohio; population 7,149 in a rural fringe setting.

One University Drive
Huron, Ohio
44839-9791 USA

Map of BGSU-Firelands

Approximate Commuting Distances

Bowling Green State University Firelands distance from Ohio cities
City Distance
Sandusky7 miles
Milan8 miles
Berlin Heights8 miles
Beulah Beach8 miles
Norwalk11 miles
Castalia11 miles
Collins12 miles
Marblehead12 miles
Monroeville12 miles
Lakeside13 miles
Bay View13 miles
Crystal Rock13 miles
Wakeman14 miles
Vermilion14 miles
Kelleys Island15 miles
Bellevue15 miles
Whites Landing16 miles
Kipton18 miles