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Lake Region State College Location and Distances

Devils Lake, North Dakota

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Lake Region State College is located in Devils Lake, North Dakota; population 7,141 in a rural fringe setting.

1801 College Dr N
Devils Lake, North Dakota
58301-1598 USA

Map of Lake Region State College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Lake Region State College distance from North Dakota cities
City Distance
Crary11 miles
Fort Totten13 miles
Churchs Ferry18 miles
Minnewaukan18 miles
Warwick20 miles
Oberon21 miles
Brinsmade21 miles
Starkweather22 miles
Sheyenne24 miles
Brocket24 miles
Lakota25 miles
Lawton26 miles
Edmore27 miles
Leeds29 miles
Tolna29 miles
Cando29 miles
Hampden30 miles
Maddock33 miles