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Wingate University Location and Distances

Wingate, North Carolina

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Wingate University is located in Wingate, North Carolina; population 3,491 in a town fringe setting.

220 North Camden Road
Wingate, North Carolina
28174-0159 USA

Map of Wingate University

Distance from Major Metropolitan Areas

Wingate University distance from Major Cities
City Distance
Philadelphia453 miles
New York529 miles
Chicago614 miles
Houston942 miles
Dallas947 miles
San Antonio1,121 miles
Phoenix1,802 miles
San Diego2,098 miles
Los Angeles2,150 miles

Distance from North Carolina Cities

Wingate University distance from North Carolina cities
City Distance
Charlotte27 miles
Winston-Salem78 miles
Fayetteville83 miles
Greensboro85 miles
Durham111 miles
Raleigh117 miles