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RCCC Location and Distances

Ahoskie, North Carolina

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Roanoke Chowan Community College is located in Ahoskie, North Carolina; population 5,039 in a rural fringe setting.

109 Community College Rd
Ahoskie, North Carolina
27910-9522 USA

Map of RCCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Roanoke Chowan Community College distance from North Carolina cities
City Distance
Cofield7 miles
Winton7 miles
Aulander8 miles
Powellsville9 miles
Murfreesboro9 miles
Woodland11 miles
Como12 miles
Harrellsville13 miles
Conway14 miles
Roxobel15 miles
Rich Square15 miles
Kelford15 miles
Askewville15 miles
Lasker16 miles
Gatesville16 miles
Severn16 miles
Colerain17 miles
Lewiston Woodville17 miles