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Wood Tobe Coburn School

Reviewed by A******s from New York City on 2017-05-18

My experience in one word: Ripoff. The school pretends to be something it's clearly not. It's not a campus; it's an office space. It's filthy too- mice, roaches, bloody tampons in the toilet. There are no clubs, sports teams, student council, etc. The library is the size of your living room, and you can't check out books! The school has many skeletons in it's closet- affairs between teachers and students, fist fights, theft. It also enforces a strict dress code, but doesn't allow its students the basic decency of using the front entrance. "In order to keep up professional appearances." So the back entrance is where you go in and out of school everyday, and it's a gathering spot for the homeless. It is LITERALLY covered in urine and feces and it's where they eat and sleep. As for your education? I personally learned a lot. I'm extremely grateful to my professors because they are the school's ONLY saving grace. It's shame, Wood Tobe-Coburn is a colossal waste of potential.

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