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New Mexico Junior College Location and Distances

Hobbs, New Mexico

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New Mexico Junior College is located in Hobbs, New Mexico; population 34,122 in a remote town setting.

5317 Lovington Hwy
Hobbs, New Mexico
88240 USA

Map of New Mexico Junior College

Approximate Commuting Distances

New Mexico Junior College distance from New Mexico cities
City Distance
North Hobbs4 miles
Nadine10 miles
Monument11 miles
Lovington16 miles
Eunice22 miles
Denver City25 miles
Seminole31 miles
Tatum35 miles
Plains36 miles
Seagraves38 miles
Jal44 miles
Loop46 miles
Loco Hills46 miles
Andrews48 miles
Wellman48 miles
McKinney Acres50 miles