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Somerset Christian College Location and Distances

Zarephath, New Jersey

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Somerset Christian College is located in Zarephath, New Jersey; population 37 in a rural fringe setting.

10 College Way
Zarephath, New Jersey
08890-9035 USA

Map of Somerset Christian College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Somerset Christian College distance from New Jersey cities
City Distance
Manville1 miles
Weston1 miles
Finderne2 miles
Franklin Center2 miles
Millstone3 miles
Somerville3 miles
East Millstone3 miles
South Bound Brook3 miles
Bound Brook3 miles
Middlebush3 miles
Blackwells Mills4 miles
Raritan4 miles
Somerset5 miles
Martinsville5 miles
Clyde5 miles
Middlesex5 miles
Green Knoll5 miles
Bradley Gardens5 miles