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NICC Location and Distances

Macy, Nebraska

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Nebraska Indian Community College is located in Macy, Nebraska; population 1,023 in a distant rural setting.

1111 Hwy 75
Macy, Nebraska
68039-0428 USA

Map of NICC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Nebraska Indian Community College distance from Nebraska cities
City Distance
Decatur6 miles
Whiting9 miles
Rosalie10 miles
Walthill10 miles
Sloan12 miles
Onawa12 miles
Lyons12 miles
Winnebago14 miles
Bancroft14 miles
Hornick16 miles
Blencoe16 miles
Salix16 miles
Oakland18 miles
Turin18 miles
Homer19 miles
Craig20 miles
Pender20 miles
Rodney21 miles