Mid-Plains Community College Location and Distances

North Platte, Nebraska


Mid Plains Community College is located in North Platte, Nebraska; population 24,733 in a remote town setting.

1101 Halligan Drive
North Platte, Nebraska

Map of Mid Plains Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Mid Plains Community College distance from Nebraska cities
City Distance
Maxwell12 miles
Hershey14 miles
Sutherland20 miles
Brady21 miles
Wellfleet25 miles
Stapleton28 miles
Wallace29 miles
Gandy29 miles
Sarben29 miles
Paxton31 miles
Maywood32 miles
Tryon33 miles
Gothenburg34 miles
Moorefield34 miles
Curtis35 miles
Arnold36 miles
Elsie38 miles
Willow Island38 miles