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Purdue Global-Lincoln Campus Location and Distances

Lincoln, Nebraska

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Purdue Global Lincoln Campus is located in Lincoln, Nebraska; population 258,379 in a large city setting.

1821 K St
Lincoln, Nebraska
68508 USA

Map of Purdue Global-Lincoln Campus

Approximate Commuting Distances

Purdue Global Lincoln Campus distance from Nebraska cities
City Distance
Yankee Hill4 miles
Walton7 miles
Denton9 miles
Roca11 miles
Waverly11 miles
Raymond11 miles
Malcolm11 miles
Davey12 miles
Pleasant Dale13 miles
Sprague13 miles
Hickman13 miles
Bennet13 miles
Eagle14 miles
Woodland Hills15 miles
Alvo17 miles
Greenwood17 miles
Panama17 miles
Palmyra17 miles