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SLCHC Location and Distances

Fenton, Missouri

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St Louis College of Health Careers Fenton is located in Fenton, Missouri; population 4,022 in a large suburban setting.

1297 North Highway Drive
Fenton, Missouri
63026 USA

Map of SLCHC

Approximate Commuting Distances

St Louis College of Health Careers Fenton distance from Missouri cities
City Distance
Valley Park1 miles
Twin Oaks2 miles
Manchester3 miles
Sunset Hills3 miles
Kirkwood4 miles
Murphy4 miles
Des Peres4 miles
Winchester4 miles
Crestwood5 miles
Oakland5 miles
Sappington5 miles
Parkdale5 miles
Country Life Acres5 miles
Ballwin6 miles
Crystal Lake Park6 miles
Huntleigh6 miles
Glendale6 miles
Town and Country6 miles