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Missouri State University-West Plains Location and Distances

West Plains, Missouri

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Missouri State University West Plains is located in West Plains, Missouri; population 11,986 in a remote town setting.

128 Garfield Avenue
West Plains, Missouri
65775-2715 USA

Map of Missouri State University-West Plains

Approximate Commuting Distances

Missouri State University West Plains distance from Missouri cities
City Distance
South Fork8 miles
Pomona10 miles
Brandsville10 miles
Koshkonong15 miles
Thomasville18 miles
Willow Springs19 miles
Mountain View20 miles
Bakersfield21 miles
Thayer23 miles
Montier23 miles
Viola24 miles
Mammoth Spring24 miles
Salem25 miles
Alton26 miles
Birch Tree27 miles
Cabool31 miles
Gainesville33 miles
Summersville33 miles