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LSTC Location and Distances

Linn, Missouri

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Linn State Technical College is located in Linn, Missouri; population 1,459 in a distant rural setting.

One Technology Drive
Linn, Missouri
65051-9607 USA

Map of LSTC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Linn State Technical College distance from Missouri cities
City Distance
Westphalia10 miles
Freeburg12 miles
Belle14 miles
Chamois15 miles
Mokane15 miles
Taos15 miles
Bland15 miles
Argyle17 miles
Morrison17 miles
Owensville19 miles
Gasconade19 miles
Wardsville20 miles
Holts Summit20 miles
Vienna21 miles
Jefferson City21 miles
Lake Mykee Town21 miles
Meta22 miles
Rosebud23 miles