Jones County Junior College Location and Distances

Ellisville, Mississippi


Jones County Junior College is located in Ellisville, Mississippi; population 4,448 in a distant town setting.

900 South Court Street
Ellisville, Mississippi

Map of Jones County Junior College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Jones County Junior College distance from Mississippi cities
City Distance
Laurel7 miles
Soso12 miles
Sharon15 miles
Sandersville16 miles
Glendale17 miles
Petal17 miles
Seminary18 miles
Rawls Springs18 miles
Arnold Line21 miles
Hattiesburg21 miles
Taylorsville21 miles
Collins22 miles
West Hattiesburg22 miles
Richton23 miles
Sumrall24 miles
Heidelberg24 miles
Bay Springs27 miles
Mize28 miles