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ICC Location and Distances

Fulton, Mississippi

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Itawamba Community College is located in Fulton, Mississippi; population 3,961 in a remote town setting.

602 W Hill Street
Fulton, Mississippi
38843-1099 USA

Map of ICC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Itawamba Community College distance from Mississippi cities
City Distance
Mantachie6 miles
Mooresville9 miles
Tremont10 miles
Smithville14 miles
Plantersville15 miles
Marietta16 miles
Saltillo18 miles
Nettleton18 miles
Tupelo18 miles
Gun18 miles
Verona19 miles
Red Bay19 miles
Golden19 miles
Shannon20 miles
Belmont20 miles
Baldwyn21 miles
Hatley21 miles
Amory21 miles