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Riverland Community College Location and Distances

Austin, Minnesota

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Riverland Community College is located in Austin, Minnesota; population 24,718 in a distant town setting.

1900 8th Ave NW
Austin, Minnesota
55912-1473 USA

Map of Riverland Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Riverland Community College distance from Minnesota cities
City Distance
Mapleview2 miles
Lansing5 miles
Brownsdale8 miles
Rose Creek10 miles
Myrtle11 miles
Hollandale12 miles
Waltham12 miles
Lyle12 miles
Hayward12 miles
Sargeant13 miles
Blooming Prairie14 miles
Mona14 miles
Elkton15 miles
Otranto15 miles
Dexter15 miles
Glenville16 miles
Adams16 miles
Hayfield17 miles