Itasca Community College Location and Distances

Grand Rapids, Minnesota


Itasca Community College is located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota; population 10,869 in a remote town setting.

1851 Hwy 169 East
Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Map of Itasca Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Itasca Community College distance from Minnesota cities
City Distance
La Prairie1 miles
Coleraine3 miles
Bovey6 miles
Cohasset8 miles
Taconite9 miles
Marble11 miles
Calumet12 miles
Warba13 miles
Zemple15 miles
Deer River16 miles
Nashwauk18 miles
Hill City19 miles
Ball Club22 miles
Keewatin22 miles
Remer23 miles
Hibbing28 miles
Boy River30 miles
Inger32 miles