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Duluth Business University Location and Distances

Dultuh, Minnesota

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Duluth Business University is located in Dultuh, Minnesota; in a small city setting.

4724 Mike Colalillo Drive
Dultuh, Minnesota
55807 USA

Map of Duluth Business University

Approximate Commuting Distances

Duluth Business University distance from Minnesota cities
City Distance
Proctor3 miles
Duluth3 miles
Superior5 miles
Herman6 miles
Superior7 miles
Oliver7 miles
Arnold9 miles
Esko10 miles
Thomson13 miles
Scanlon13 miles
Wrenshall14 miles
Carlton14 miles
Cloquet16 miles
Mahnomen18 miles
Poplar21 miles
Big Lake22 miles
Brookston23 miles
Mahtowa26 miles
Lake Nebagamon27 miles